Our three-dimensional translation of your custom outdoor living space visions proves that seeing is believing

Archadeck 3D rendering

Archadeck three-dimensional rendering

They say a picture is worth a thousand words and when it comes to custom designing and building outdoor living spaces, we here at Archadeck of West Central and Southwest Ohio believe that phrase is especially true. When you first began considering the addition or renovation of your outdoor living space, you probably did a fair amount of research and checking out pictures to compile your thoughts and ideas of what you want in an outdoor living environment. We use three-dimensional renderings, sometimes referred to as isometric designs, to ensure that our translation of what you have envisioned is right on target.

Before image of property prior to preparing design.

Before image of property prior to preparing design.

It all starts during our initial consultation where we ask several categories of questions and perform a visual inspection of the property and your home’s existing architectural style. Depending upon the information we gather, there are many factors that influence the design and construction of an outdoor living space. Attempting to convey some of these points can be very difficult…for example: roof tie-ins and how your space will blend with transitional areas of your home such as existing windows and doors with a traditional one-dimensional blueprint.

3D rendering of proposed design prepared for Archadeck of West Central & Southwest Ohio

Three-dimensional rendering of proposed design prepared for Archadeck of West Central & Southwest Ohio.

It is through the use of 3D renderings that we can provide you with a visual representation of your proposed space that “comes to life” from many different angles and enables you to make informed choices on the aesthetics and placement of your space. We even add outdoor furniture to scale in the renderings to really give you insight as to how the addition would perform in the real world — not in a flat, lifeless plan that leaves you guessing “is there room for my outdoor dining set and a conversation area?” Taking the time to do this before construction begins is very important because at this early stage, changes can be made more easily and cost effectively on paper vs. building materials. Rest assured that we will work with you to make adjustments to the custom plan to your satisfaction prior to breaking ground on your project.

Additional benefits of isometic renderings for an outdoor living space project include:

  • Identification of design issues or misinterpretations: High Quality outdoor living structures are sophisticated pieces of workmanship and so it is often difficult to visualize completely through just two-dimensional drawings. Viewing it from every angle in a 3D rendering typically catches potential issues and rectifies them well before construction begins. This helps to reduce unnecessary costs and also save on the time required for construction.

Typical traditional two-dimensional plan of yesteryear.

  • Effective communication to client: It is very important for an architect to deliver to their clients exactly what they wish for from their building. Often a gap is noticed between the client’s needs and the builder’s understanding of it which leads to the proposal being in some ways different from what the client was actually looking for. This is eliminated when three-dimensional renderings are utilized.

As you can see, getting it right for you and your needs is very important to us. The isometric design is the tool that gives us the ability to show you how your structure will impact, and alter the look of your home and property. In addition they are also immeasurable in our staged building projects, as they enable the homeowner to see each facet of their project in each stage and how it will appear frame by frame.

Tim Stephens owner of Archadeck of West Central & Southwest Ohio

Tim Stephens owner of Archadeck of West Central & Southwest Ohio

If you are considering an outdoor living space addition or renovation for your home, please allow us to use our award-winning design, construction and customer service skills to partner with you to bring your outdoor living dreams to life. Contact Archadeck of West Central and Southwest Ohio today to learn more about making your backyard vision a reality, our consultation is free but the benefits are priceless! Call us at (937) 848 – 7040 or
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