Grill safely with these tips from Archadeck of West Central and Southwest Ohio

Outdoor grilling is a favorite all-American activityOutdoor grilling on a deck is a favorite pastime for many families and neighborhood gatherings, but it poses potential hazards. While decks aren’t always well suited for charcoal and gas grill usage, awareness and careful adherence to several safe practices are great ways to make sure you and your family are staying safe during outdoor cooking events. For an even safer option, Archadeck of West Central and Southwest Ohio offers the Big Green Egg as it is safer to use in ANY outdoor living space.

We want everyone to enjoy the benefits of safely grilling in their outdoor living space, so we’d like to share a few grilling safety tips that you should definitely follow when grilling with charcoal or gas on a wooden deck.

  • Stay with your grill while in use – vigilance is key
  • Place the grill away from siding, deck railings and out from under eaves and overhanging branches
  • Xenia, OH grill area detail with pergolaPeriodically remove grease or fat buildup
  • For charcoal grills use only proper starter fluid and store the can away from heat sources
  • Do not move hot grills
  • Dispose of charcoal properly, keeping ash containers outside and away from combustible construction
  • For charcoal grills, ensure that you shut the top and bottom vents to eliminate air flow when done grilling
  • For charcoal grills, check the ash pan for dangerous ashes
  • For gas grills check propane cylinder hoses for leaks before use
  • For additional deck protection, use a grill pad to protect your wood or composite deck surfaces from spills, stains and sparks

** In addition, make sure to periodically empty and replace grease cans and pans on your gas grill. For Big Green Egg owners it is important to periodically check the nuts and bolts for tightness and alignment. If you roll or move your EGG frequently, check the casters, Nest and Handler bolts more often to maintain proper performance and alignment.

Without taking preventative measures, using a grill on a wooden deck can lead to unwanted fires. Sparks might ignite wood decking boards or railings. Windy conditions can increase the danger from stray sparks. If you grill on a wooden deck, have a fire extinguisher handy and keep your eyes on the grill and surrounding deck area at all times. The pictures below are an example of what can happen when a grill is left unattended, or hot, on a backyard deck: These images are the result of a recent deck fire in the Cincinnati area we were asked to rebuild.

2015-08-24 12.01.012015-08-24 12.01.19In contrast to traditional gas and charcoal grills The Big Green Egg is safer to use in ANY outdoor living space. It’s design is based upon an ancient Asian style clay cooker called a “kamado” but modernized with cast iron, stainless steel and space age ceramics. This proprietary ceramic material provides state of the art heat retention technology. Additional features of the Big Green Egg include lighter fluid not required, hardwood lump charcoal – no chemicals for its heat source and no need for constant tending because the enclosed cooking area eliminates grease flare-ups.

Big Green Egg

Archadeck of West Central and Southwest Ohio is your Big Green Egg authorized dealer. Stop by our showroom in Historic Waynesville, OH, to view the Eggs we have in stock, or inquire about ordering the right size Egg to fit your needs!  Keep in mind, summer isn’t the only outdoor living season in which you can enjoy dining and preparing food alongside the beauty and ambiance only Mother Nature. Fall is fabulous too…make sure you are prepared for safe events!

Tim Stephens owner of Archadeck of West Central & Southwest Ohio

Tim Stephens owner of Archadeck of West Central & Southwest Ohio

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