Archadeck and Casuwel premium outdoor furnishings score a perfect 10 for convenience!

All Casuwel orders come with White Glove Delivery!

All Casuwel orders come with White Glove Delivery!

Online shopping is the best thing to hit this world since pizza delivery…come to think of it, you can order your pizza online now too. The ability to thoroughly “check out” products before taking them to the checkout lane, at your convenience makes you feel empowered as a consumer. Archadeck of West Central and Southwest Ohio understands this feeling and as your Certified Sales Rep for Casuwel premium woven outdoor furniture and accessories our website offers you the convenience of online shopping for fine outdoor furnishings from the comfort of your own home.

Metropolitan collection by Casuwel

Metropolitan collection by Casuwel .

How many times have you felt frustrated as you’ve attempted to purchase seasonal items from a brick and mortar store, well ahead of the upcoming season, only to arrive just in time to see the last set in stock being loaded into someone else’s truck and subsequently informed that no more inventory would be expected? This typically occurs with the seasonal items for outdoor living and entertaining because the big box stores put out their seasonal merchandise too far ahead of the actual season (i.e. winter coats on display before Independence Day or pool toys on the shelves before Valentine’s Day candy). Shopping online with us for Casuwel outdoor furniture is very convenient, saves you from this frustration, plus offers you many more advantages, like:

  • A discount when you order with Archadeck of West Central and Southwest Ohio
  • Perusal of the complete product line and color selections at your convenience, any time of day or night
  • No long checkout lines
  • No pressure sales
  • No incomplete ensembles or leftovers from which to make your selections
  • Mix and match individual pieces and colors to match your personal style
  • Personal service when you speak with one of our professional staff members

As if all this weren’t enough, all Casuwel furniture orders come with “White Glove Delivery” —something the big retail chains have never even heard of!! Our White Glove Delivery makes your furniture purchase even more convenient.

White glove service

After you place your order, your patio furniture and customized cushions are prepared and made ready to ship to your home at a time that works best for your schedule to meet the delivery team. Our well- trained delivery staff will carefully remove your order from our truck, ensure that all pieces are accounted for, meticulously unwrap, wipe down and inspect (for any potential transit damage) each piece, and place them in the position of your choosing. If there is anything of note, they’ll let us know and a new item will be sent your way. Before departing, any cardboard and plastic wrap waste from the delivery will be removed, leaving you with a beautiful space to enjoy.

luminous-accentsMother’s Day and Father’s Day are right around the corner. Wouldn’t Casuwel outdoor furnishings make an excellent gift, especially with our White Glove Delivery? NOW is the time to order this high quality furniture to show Mom or Dad just how much you appreciate them. It can take up to six to eight weeks to receive your order so time is of the essence. Since Mother’s Day is so close, if you’re thinking of giving your mom this ultimate gift, we can prepare a gift certificate in advance of the furniture’s arrival and give her something to “open” on her special day.

Tim Stephens owner of Archadeck of West Central & Southwest Ohio

Tim Stephens owner of Archadeck of West Central & Southwest Oh

This exclusive line of outdoor furnishings and accessories will increase the beauty and function of your outdoor living space and makes an exquisite gift for someone special in your life. With the outdoor living season ahead, outdoor celebrations, and upcoming holidays there are multiple opportunities to use the furniture! When it comes to outdoor living, if you want it custom designed, built and even furnished, we are your source for everything outdoors! Contact Archadeck of West Central and Southwest Ohio at  (937) 848 – 7040,
(513) 897 – 2040 or via email at  today for more information at — you’ll be glad you did!