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As part one of our three part series on Planning Designing & Building Considerations to Ensure Your Ideal Outdoor Space, we explore the realm of getting what you want in your outdoor living space design now and ensuring proper planning for future additions:

Have you found yourself filled with regret over your outdoor living space addition? Did you set forth with an ideal in your mind about how you wanted the space to evolve over time as your lifestyle, needs and budget evolves? For example, were you looking forward to adding a patio in the future to use in conjunction with your backyard deck only to find out the placement  you desire isn’t possible with your existing outdoor space? Many homeowners have found themselves in this same situation, wishing they would have planned their space for the here and now, and with future additions in mind.

Enjoyment now, and later:

Archadeck Outdoor Living strives to provide you with an outdoor living space that encompasses everything you want in your particular design, now, and with future additions in mind. Our approach to the design and building process is poised to accommodate the customer needs and desires in every way. This means we help fulfill your wishes in getting everything you are expecting from your design the first time around. From providing the aesthetics you want, to a space allows you to carry out the functions you desire within the space. We even take into consideration any future plans or additions you may have in mind for the future.

Now and Later candy

Just like this classic treat — our outdoor living spaces can bring enjoyment now, and later, where future additions are concerned, with our phased building program!

Of course, in a perfect world, each of our clients would have the ability to be able to build their anticipated outdoor living combination space in one project. We realize that lifestyles and budgets influence and change what is possible and that each project is as individual as the clients we create them for, with that in mind, we offer the flexibility to build your outdoor environment in phases over time. We call this phased, or staged building.

In staged/phased building, Archadeck works with (you) the client to create a “master plan” of their completed project design once all the elements are completed, then, together we choose a starting point to begin.This allows homeowners the freedom to build their ideal backyard in stages making it easier on their budget, and with less of an impact on their lifestyle. Phased building consists of engineering, designing and building your outdoor space in phases so that future additions or amendments can be added easily. This is made possible by building with your future circumstances and the structural integrity of your project in mind. We always take into consideration the traffic flow, unity and functions of how each portion of the design unifies to create a unified outdoor environment.

Our Process:

Xenia, OH deck and pergola combination outdoor oasis

The style, and size of your outdoor furnishings are an important consideration in our design process.

We offer flexibility to our customers through a detailed materials and pricing menu. This menu breaks every facet of your design down to the fasteners used to attach a deck. Each element that goes into creating your outdoor living space is listed such as different composite materials, various railing choices, balusters, even various pergolas to add to your design or lighting packages — it is all listed and broken down a la carte. Our menu also lets you play around with the options and see how different features and colors look together.  It takes the guess-work out of your outdoor structure design. This will allow you, the homeowner, to change, amend or add items to keep your design on target with your intended budget. This feature is also perfect for people who aren’t exactly sure what they want.

In addition, during our consultation, we ask the “right” questions; and leave no “stone unturned” in delivering your ideal design. Along with desired functions and aesthetics, we also inquire about what size and type of outdoor furnishings you intend to utilize within your space. For example, typically a standard-sized outdoor dining table takes up an area 6 feet long and 42 inches wide, with each standard-size outdoor chair taking up an additional two feet. Factor in ample pull out room for each chair will add another two feet per chair. This adds up to a space that takes up a 12′ x 12′ area. In addition to dining tables, most homeowners want a place for seating as well, which will tack on additional space. Once you add side tables and accompaniment pieces, such as end tables or coffee tables, you are looking at more space than most homeowners had anticipated for their furnishings. This is why discussing furniture choices is also an important part of the design process and it is a good idea to have at least some ideas in mind before you meet with us to discuss your design.

Tim Stephens owner of Archadeck of West Central & Southwest Ohio

Tim Stephens owner of Archadeck of West Central & Southwest Ohio

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